Why you need Anti-Slip Glasses

They provide them with the assurance that their spectacles will not slip down and fall, causing them to break, since getting spectacles online in Sri Lanka can be rather expensive. Even for those wearing sunglasses the anti-clip type if the best; who wants to spend a lot of money on replacing your old pair by buying new sunglasses online in Sri Lanka.

People who are new to wearing anti-slip glasses might find them annoying at first because they can feel tight around the temples or ears. However, once you get used to having something there it usually doesn’t bother you anymore. They also help with light headiness caused by low blood pressure when standing for long periods of time. Anti-slip glasses don’t have any negative side effects other than possible irritation which is why most people choose this type over others like compression stockings for example that do have some issues with skin disorders if worn too tightly or too often without taking breaks in between wear times.

Anti-slip glasses are the best solution and they won’t make you look like a nerd like others might think because there are many styles available that anyone can choose from such as hipster cat eye, round lenses, thick framed or even clear versions. You can get any style of anti-slip spectacle frames in Sri Lanka. Once you have them on your eyes will be protected by both anti-glare coating and shatter proof protection so no matter what happens around you it is almost impossible for something to hurt your eyes and your glasses, while wearing these. So, if you’re at risk of having a slip happen in certain areas then maybe it’s time for an upgrade with some new cool looking anti-slip specs!

Email Marketing Explained

What is Email Marketing?

Over the past ten years email marketing has taken its place amongst the top most effective direct marketing campaigns being used. With the economy still struggling to revive itself and competition more fierce than ever, business professionals are having to re-evaluate how they market their services and products in a cost-effective way. Electronic marketing via email, Facebook and other social mediums has become monumentally important in these times.

Email marketing in basic terms is the use of electronic communications, or emails, in direct marketing schemes. How it works is that a customer or potential customer provides your company with an email address. This may be collected on customer satisfaction surveys, at booths during social events, through referrals and so on. You or your marketing director would then put together some sort of promotional material, such as a flyer, newsletter or coupon page, which could be easily attached and emailed to return and potential customers.

Email marketing is ideal for creating relationships with your customers. This gives you an opportunity to let them know a bit about yourself and your company. The more familiar they feel, the more loyal they are bound to be and the more business comes your way. Sending newsletters can be effective and can make customers feel that they are “in the know”. Try to make them both informational and entertaining. Humour can be a positive aspect of a company newsletter. Another option is to send coupons via email for services or products. Use this tool wisely and the return on investment could be great.

To determine whether or not email and social marketing is working for your company, track the results and compare them with other types of marketing you are utilizing. Just be cautious when studying spamming laws and other Internet ethical guidelines to make sure you are not violating any rules. Remember, you want to entice the customers, not irritate them.

Ultimately, electronic direct marketing is low-cost and can bring in business on a tight budget, so it is certainly worth exploring in these difficult economic times.

Marketing For Your Business


This is the process through which goods and services are promoted for sale. In this process different individuals or groups of people create awareness about a certain product in the market thereby creating a value and demand for the product and thus sale of it to the general public.

Through marketing, a company or business creates consumers for their product which did not exist initially or was at a minimum level. Marketing of goods and services was as a result of over production of goods and services and the presence of mature markets therefore in order for a company to make profits they had to change tactics from focusing on production of goods to creating consumers for the products they produced. Thus, by so doing they could be able to get profits and beat competition in the market.

In order for marketing of a product to be successful, a marketer should ensure that he/she grasps the basic concepts of marketing. The concepts dictate that a company should efficiently know the needs and wants of the market they wish to sell and ensure that they achieve the desires of the target consumers in a satisfactory manner. Achieving this market satisfaction should be done in a manner that is better than competitors in the same business thereby gaining more customers.

There steps which a marketer should follow to ensure effective marketing of his products, firstly a marketer should know the appropriate communication skill to use to get the attention of the public. The goal should be to ensure that the targeted market gets to know of the availability of a certain product and get interested in it. Different goods and services need different ways of promotion but the most important point is using a communication method that captures the attention of the desired buyers. There are different ways of promotion of products for example, print media and electronic media which is bound to reach many people.

Also one can use direct marketing and personally selling the product or service. Personal selling is where salesmen or women approach different individuals or groups of desired customers and directly promote the items telling the potential customers the benefits of their products against others in the market. This type of promotion is best for the promotion of complex products which consumers need adequate knowledge of them. Products that can use this type of service include motor vehicles and insurance policies which are very specific.

Another marketing strategy is sales promotion, this technique involves use of sales brochure and coupons which briefly give details of particular goods and services and are numerously distributed to clients’ randomly. However this process does not build a relationship with the clients as compared with personal selling. Advertising is the most popular form of marketing, this is when a business firm directly procures the services of a media company to publicize its goods and services, and this is usually done through television, radio, branding and billboards. This method is very effective since it captures a wide attention of potential customers within a short time.

Also directing marketing is another way of promotion of products unlike advertising, it is more personal and seeks to directly communicate with potential clients. Marketers use this method to create and retain customers through direct communication by methods such as sending electronic brochures through emails and other social web sites.