Not Asking for Directions When You Know You Are Lost

Have you ever gotten lost on a trip, without access to GPS? There is a sinking feeling that forms in your stomach the moment you realize you don’t know where you are.

Why do you get that feeling?

Is it because you are afraid you will never find your way and your future is destined to be spent wallowing in a new location, possibly without food, family or friends?

Of course not.

So, why do you get that pit in your stomach?

If you are like most people, the pit forms because you have just admitted to yourself that you have failed. That you are imperfect. That you can’t do it by yourself.

In some cases, a little extra effort and fortitude may be all you need to get yourself straightened out and moving in the right direction.

In other cases – especially after stubbornly pressing on independently for too long – you need to ask for help. Get the information you don’t have so you may move forward once again.

Asking for directions can be one of the most difficult things to do. Not only do you have to admit to yourself that you don’t know where you are and have no idea what to do next, you also have to admit these things to a complete stranger – and then you have to trust that person to steer you in the right direction. There are few things more frustrating than getting bad directions.

Any of the reasons above can lead to very stubborn behavior that wastes time. When it comes to marketing, time really is money.

Marketing your professional services business is like taking a road trip; you may successfully make your way for some time but eventually, you may need to ask for help in order to get where you want to be.

Most successful service professionals build their business on quality service and the strength of their referral network. However, most referral networks cannot sustain continued growth.

The difference between enjoying continued success or watching your customer base shrink is your willingness to admit that:

  1. Business could (and should) be better
  2. You don’t have right the ideas for growth
  3. It’s okay to ask for help

Is your sense of pride standing between you and more business?

The Change You Can Make Today: Decide to move beyond your stubborn sense of independence and seek assistance.

Move Your Marketing Forward

  1. Which 2 or 3 marketing tactics generate the bulk of your revenue?
  2. How profitable is the business these tactics generate?
  3. How much revenue have these tactics generated from quarter to quarter and from year to year?
  4. Is your revenue from these tactics growing, shrinking or flat? Look at as much data as you have.
  5. What plan do you have in place to compensate for shrinking or flat revenue?
  6. Have you ever reached out to a professional for marketing advice? Why or why not?
  7. If yes, were you happy with the results? Why or why not?

Network Marketing Review – What is Multi-Level Marketing?

Why is network marketing so popular? Why should you even bother to consider this business model? Isn’t this just for people who can’t find a real job? Isn’t it like a pyramid scheme and illegal? Only losers and the gullible types fall for these schemes!

If any of those questions came to your mind, keep on reading, before you make a big mistake. Before we get into the definition of what Network Marketing – also called Multi-Level-Marketing-is, and what it isn’t, let’s look at some interesting facts and figures about this exploding industry.

Network Marketing has grown into a global industry with more than 61 million men and women involved in this type of business model. In the United States alone, over 15 million people are building their home-based businesses through Network Marketing.

More than $111 billion dollars of retail goods were sold globally through the Network Marketing industry! Over $31 billion dollars of those sales were here in the United States!

If so many people and so many companies are following this way of doing business, it’s a good idea to at least take a look at what it really is.

Once upon a time, if you’d mention MLM to anyone you’d get a range of responses- most negative. So what’s happened to make this once maligned industry into a viable business model that more and more companies are taking note of and incorporating into their structure?

Lots. For one there are more stringent controls and regulations on MLM companies.
Agencies like the Federal Trade Commission keep a sharp eye on this industry to keep the schemers and scammers out.

Second, the very structure of Network Marketing provides a strong opportunity for entrepreneurship- people who have never owned a company or ran their own business can often step into this industry and be successful.

Third, this model saves a company a lot of money, which is obviously very attractive to businesses in this economy.

So how does it all really work?

“Multi-Level Marketing is a legal system of merchandising products through multiple levels of distribution (distributors). These distributors purchase at wholesale and act as a middleman between the manufacturer and the consumer who pays retail.” This is one of the first formal definitions, published by Doris Wood of the MLMIA.

Network Marketing is a type of direct sales – companies that use distributors to directly get their product or service out there in the market place. Distributors are paid a commission based on the sale of these products or services.

Some direct sales companies just pay the distributor every time they make a sale. With multi-level marketing, you get paid not only when your customer purchases a product, but you’ll get paid from the efforts of other distributors who you have recruited to join your team. This creates a more varied income stream through leverage and residual income.

Network Marketing or MLM gives you the opportunity to build a sales organization, and get paid commissions based on the sales generated by your downline. By recruiting others into your organization, you build levels. Your distributors recruit others beneath them, and on and on it goes. How far down the levels that you will be allowed to collect commissions depends on the structure of the particular company you are working for.

In many Network Marketing companies, the more distributors that you have in your downline and/or the more sales you make, you’ll qualify for higher commissions or bonuses and higher ranking in the company.

Traditional business does not allow for advancement like this. Imagine if you got a job frying French fries at McDonald’s. What are the chances that you would advance to CEO or president, and get the big bucks? It’s possible, but for most of us, it’s highly unlikely.

The structure of Multi-Level Marketing provides the opportunity for an average person, who works hard and is dedicated, to move up through the ranks- and sometimes very quickly- and make the kind of money that CEO’s make in big companies!

Why are more and more traditional companies choosing to distribute their products and services this way?

It’s a more economical way to structure a company. Network marketing companies distribute their product or services to customers directly through distributors. This cuts out a long line of middlemen in the distribution line. There is usually no expensive marketing and advertising campaigns – network marketing companies rely on their distributors to get the product out there by word of mouth. This has proven to be effective and lucrative for both the company and the distributor.

Direct Marketing Advertising – What Are the Advantages?

Each day, business owners are learning new ways to market their small businesses. But there is no doubt that direct marketing advertising is still one of the most popular of strategies. It has helped lots of entrepreneurs to increase their sales and be known in the market.Before, direct mail marketing is done by sending out letters and postcards to their prospects. Today, many entrepreneurs use online direct mail advertising to reach out to a wider range of market over the internet. The following are the advantages of using direct mail advertising.Reach out to your target market. Since marketing mails are sent directly to a specific group of people, a business owner can customize the message and the approach depending on the targeted recipients. This is why direct marketing has been proven to be very efficient in encouraging people to take positive action. Furthermore, marketing mails are sent exclusively to genuine leads so that the potential to get results is much greater compared to other forms of advertising.Get your message across more easily. Before creating their marketing copy, merchants are advised to spend time studying their market. It is a good idea to send a different batch of marketing mails to every niche. Based on the demographics shown in your mailing list, what do you think is the best approach for your intended recipients?Track the result of your direct marketing campaign better. It is easier to track the results of your campaign through direct mail marketing. If you sent marketing emails, for example, you can simply include a discount code in your message and instruct the customer to enter the code on their checkout if they wish to buy from your online shop. Monitoring the codes you received can allow you to gauge the result of your marketing campaign faster and better.Direct marketing campaign can be done in a small scale. For entrepreneurs who must work on a limited budget, a small scale direct marketing campaign can be executed without difficulty. For example, you can send marketing emails to a small group of people and wait for the results before launching a bigger campaign or committing a larger budget.Gain brand name recognition. Direct mail marketing is all about repetition. You need to send your marketing mails to same recipients at least three times or more at the right intervals. Hence, if you include your brand name and logo with all your marketing mails, people will become familiar with your company and remember you more easily.Build rapport with your customers. By regularly sending direct marketing mails, a business can easily build rapport with prospective customers. It is also an effective way to strengthen your relationship with your old clients. It is easier to build trust and encourage loyalty among existing customers when you communicate with them on a more personal level.More cost-efficient than other marketing methods. When compared to other marketing methods, a business owner can save a great deal with direct mail advertising. Again, this form of marketing is concentrated to a limited group or niche so there’s no need to use a huge percentage of your marketing budget.Copyright (c) 2010 Luie De Von