Stock Market Advice For the Young

The advice given to most people who are starting on the stock market is to buy low and sell high. Easy advice to give, but how does one determine, how low is low and how high is the high. Anticipation is the key to this question.The very first thing to keep in mind is the stock market is always in a flux. To a beginner the movements might be chaotic and unnerving, but once you gain some experience you will realize that in everything else in the world, there is a pattern. However, before you know and get hold of the pulse of the stock market, it is advisable to just play the waiting game. Invest small amounts of money to minimize your risks and make small profits which will help you to stay motivated. Motivation and enthusiasm are required in large amounts to make a success of your stock broking career.In the process of building your career as an investor, one of the first things you need to look for is a proven stock market system. This is one of the first things you need to do in order to determine stock market direction. This system will be your guide in the initial days and help you decide where you should be putting your money. As a beginner having the help of a market resource which will help you or provide you with stock tracking can also be very useful.The most important virtue to have and put it constantly in practice is discipline. More often than not people get carried away and act on impulse or on some hot tip given by a trend, knowing that the tip is not backed by research or analysis. Though it sometimes does pay off, there is more chance of you falling flat on your face and losing the money you have put in it. Practicing discipline and religiously following the market trends in the system of your choice and then making an educated and calculated guess is the only way you can be as sure as you can ever be to make money in the stock market.While you are still learning the tricks of the trade it is best to go with the expert opinion on the trends and movements of the stock market. Stock market prediction is also an art and a science, an art that you perfect over the years and a science that should be studied and researched indepth. There are many blogs and websites that help beginners make sense out the complicated system, reading some of which will surely help. In the end it all comes down to experience, and you get better at stock market signals as the time goes on.

Free Underwear Sample – How Far Should Your Direct Sales Model Go?

Last month, I was talking to someone who had a pet product. They were putting together a business plan, and specifically a new marketing plan with one of the key features being direct marketing and direct sales. They wanted to try the old “Ben and Jerry’s” trick, whereby they would give away free samples, and pet owners would be so hooked on the product, that they would continue to order more through their website. In fact, their conversion rate in trying this out was almost 25%, and mind you they were in a fairly well-to-do area, but if they stayed with the same demographics, such a strategy could work.

How do I know this? Well, before retirement I ran a mobile car washing operation, and franchised it around the country. Our bonsai and blitz marketing team constantly went out and gave away free car washes as samples. If people enjoyed the free car wash at their office, then they would have us back on a regular schedule once a week. It was a great way to build new routes, win friends and influence people. Can any product or service the marketed this way you ask? For the most part I would say the answer is yes.

Indeed, I have a very good friend and she goes to one of the major colleges in Los Angeles, her and her friends are on the Red Bull marketing team, and they drive around in a car with a giant Red Bull can on top and give away free samples. Wherever they do this, the sales for Red Bull go up in the local liquor stores, convenience stores, and grocery stores. In other words it works.

It works so good in fact that I might even recommend that Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo have college interns run around to all of the soccer fields wearing Yahoo T-shirts, giving away prizes and inviting new users to come partake in whatever it is they are offering online. Incidentally, I did put together such a bonsai and blitz marketing campaign strategy report and I sent it to the president of Pacific Telephone in San Francisco in the early 90s, she loved the idea.

Still, there may be some products it won’t work for, such as giving away free underwear samples as a direct sales model. However, there have been large array sales teams that go out and do home parties, and they do give away free lingerie samples, and it works for them. This of course is in the privacy of the guest home being used, and not in public. Suffice it to say, direct sales work, that’s why all the successful companies do it. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Effective Marketing Tips for Your Dental Office

Any successful dental advertising campaign begins with research. Before layouts are drafted, headlines are written or artwork is chosen, the savvy marketer learns everything they can about the target customer. It is important to research patients and also think like them. What are their pain points? What’s the number one thing they look for in a practice? What would keep them coming back to the same dentist?

Discovering current demographics is part of this research. Demographic information should include age, gender, household income, number of household members and physical location. There are many ways this data can help inform marketing decisions. For example, Patient News’s research, data analysis and years of experience show that women make more than 80 percent of all healthcare decisions, so most dental correspondence is addressed to the female head of house.

The next step is taking an honest look at your strengths and weaknesses as a practice. Once these are identified, marketing messages should highlight strengths and turn weaknesses into positives. If your practice excels at customer service, focus on the personal and friendly experience a patient will have at your office. If customer service is identified as a weakness because your front desk is understaffed, turn this into a positive point by telling customers you keep overhead low and pass those savings on to them.

Determining a budget is a critical part of any dental marketing campaign. Break down projected costs to determine the overall budget and then look at how often you can contact customers within that budget. Whether it is big or small, sticking to the projected costs and using them as a guideline for decision making will help your campaign be a success.

Once these pieces are in place, a marketing strategy can be developed. This strategy will outline clear goals, action items and measures of success. This is also the point at which the direct mail campaign is developed. This includes creating collateral, a mail calendar and mailing lists. The overall marketing plan and the direct mail campaign should be integrated and combined to complement and support one another. For example, if an advertisement for your practice runs in the local paper, send an acquisition mailing to new prospects at the same time.

Whatever the medium for the messages, they should be meaningful and resonate with the target demographic. Sending a direct mail piece about denture services to young families is a waste of time and money, as is sending a postcard about children’s dental care to a zip code with many retirement homes. You also need to determine if you are trying to attract new customers or retain existing ones. The messaging for these two audiences should be very different.

Throughout the dental marketing campaign it is important to remain focused on the strategy and goals. If a new dental advertising opportunity arises during the campaign, hold it up against your current goals and budget to see if it complements them, and take a pass if it doesn’t. A marketing schedule or calendar is an important tool to stay focused on the bigger picture. Gathering data and response to the campaign should occur throughout the process. Measurement systems can include response rates for direct mail, new patient acquisition, lapsed patient renewal, or many other performance indicators.