Why you need Anti-Slip Glasses

They provide them with the assurance that their spectacles will not slip down and fall, causing them to break, since getting spectacles online in Sri Lanka can be rather expensive. Even for those wearing sunglasses the anti-clip type if the best; who wants to spend a lot of money on replacing your old pair by buying new sunglasses online in Sri Lanka.

People who are new to wearing anti-slip glasses might find them annoying at first because they can feel tight around the temples or ears. However, once you get used to having something there it usually doesn’t bother you anymore. They also help with light headiness caused by low blood pressure when standing for long periods of time. Anti-slip glasses don’t have any negative side effects other than possible irritation which is why most people choose this type over others like compression stockings for example that do have some issues with skin disorders if worn too tightly or too often without taking breaks in between wear times.

Anti-slip glasses are the best solution and they won’t make you look like a nerd like others might think because there are many styles available that anyone can choose from such as hipster cat eye, round lenses, thick framed or even clear versions. You can get any style of anti-slip spectacle frames in Sri Lanka. Once you have them on your eyes will be protected by both anti-glare coating and shatter proof protection so no matter what happens around you it is almost impossible for something to hurt your eyes and your glasses, while wearing these. So, if you’re at risk of having a slip happen in certain areas then maybe it’s time for an upgrade with some new cool looking anti-slip specs!

3 Mistakes To Learn From Within Email Marketing

Marketing by email is a very lucrative and exceptionally efficient strategy. Email marketing is one of the top tactics available to businesses today with an incredibly high conversion and customer loyalty rates.

But, just like any other strategy, email marketing evolves, and some of the progression is directed by customer behavior as well as technological advances.

Perhaps we shouldn’t necessarily call these “mistakes” but rather “lessons.”

Gleaned from marketing industry data, these “lessons” demonstrate the ebb and flow of consumer behavior. Some things that may have worked in the early stages of email marketing no longer apply because of this natural flux.

Stop Using “Free” in Subject Lines (and other words to avoid) – “Free” was an email marketing mainstay, used to lure in customers with the chance of receiving a gift if they do what you’re asking. The bottom line is that “Free” worked, especially in email Subject Lines. It was short, to the point and caught the customers’ eye immediately. Come on! Everyone likes free. But, as customer behavior and technology evolved, “Free” became synonymous with SPAM that dreaded unsolicited plea that usually accompanied some wayward product. “Free” doesn’t work anymore. Neither does “Win!” or “You’ve been selected!” If these words and phrases litter your Subject Lines, intrepid email programs and ISPs will block them. And, if your email happens to worm its way through into an intended customer’s email box, then watch as your email is automatically deleted. Remember that times have changed.

Change Out Your “Sender” Information – This is another direct result of fluctuations in consumer behavior and technological advances. Anonymous or generic “Sender’s” names don’t cut it anymore. This change in consumer behavior directed the change in technology: people began to not trust a Sender that they didn’t know or recognize, causing ISPs and other programs to start a more aggressive filtering system. Instead, try attaching a real person’s name to your email marketing campaign. This little switch reinforces customer trust and it allows your email to slip through filtering systems.

Avoid Sending Large Graphics in Your Emails – This “lesson” is the result of ISPs directing marketing behavior. What ISPs found is that the majority of emails considered as SPAM had a higher percentage of large graphics than those emails that were considered “safe.” Now, ISPs block the majority of emails that contain large graphics or images even if the emails are innocuous. This act is driving marketing behavior because it is forcing email designers to rethink their strategy. Have you noticed that emails are becoming increasingly simple? There’s a reason for that.
The Results:

Filters will become your friends.
A marked increase in deliverability rates.
Become whitelisted instead of blacklisted.
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How Being More Authentic In Your Marketing Will Attract People To You And Business Faster

Authenticity! We hear a lot of people using that word these days and a lot of people are talking about being authentic in your marketing. It’s a very interesting concept to look at as you read headlines and study marketing. You’ve seen them,we’ve all seen those outrageous headlines that we all know can’t really happen but appeal to our sense of wanting things to be easy and to be able to get rich quick and all that. How about this one for example…”$12 Million in 12 Weeks” – saw that one recently and it actually made me laugh out loud.

Being authentic in your marketing, in your business, and in all the things you do, not only has to do with being honest, but it also has to do with being who you are.

So many business owners are afraid to get out there and show people who they really are, what’s in their heart, what they really want, and to share with everyone, clients and prospects alike, that they genuinely want to help and to make a big difference in the lives and businesses of those they serve, and beyond.

We want to help you grow your business – that’s a pretty clear statement that is easy to understand and tells people what we want to do.

We all have different likes, goals and interests. We all have things that make us uniquely us and whether you wear your hair short or long, whether your skin is white, or some other color, whether you have a lot of money, or you don’t have a lot of money, it doesn’t matter, just be who you are.

I know this for sure – the more of me I share with you, our clients, and prospects alike, the more people will be attracted to me, the more people want to do business with me, and with us, and our company. What you see is what you get with me, and for a long time I was afraid that because I was direct, and to the point, I might put-off or even offend some people, so I held back a little.

What I’ve found is, people understand when I’m direct, I can still be loving with them and still give them what they need. I’m not talking about being mean or militant or any of those things. I’m talking about just being direct with people – being a no-nonsense kind of person.

Being who you are will attract the perfect clients to you. When you are just you and being authentic, only those who resonate with you the most will want to work with you… and that’s what you want – you don’t want to be that person who takes anyone and everyone as a client.

So, be encouraged, whoever you are whatever kind of lifestyle you lead, and whatever you do in your life, just be you.

If you’re a mom, let people know. Just be you in your marketing, and in your business, and see if your business doesn’t actually thrive and increase, because people want to know you – the real you – and do business with you.

You hear it all the time… people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Notice, the know, and the like, come before you can build trust with people. And, there are many ways to do that.

Think about how you can give people more of who you are, be more authentic in your business, and in your marketing, and watch your profits soar.