Effective Marketing Tips for Your Dental Office

Any successful dental advertising campaign begins with research. Before layouts are drafted, headlines are written or artwork is chosen, the savvy marketer learns everything they can about the target customer. It is important to research patients and also think like them. What are their pain points? What’s the number one thing they look for in a practice? What would keep them coming back to the same dentist?

Discovering current demographics is part of this research. Demographic information should include age, gender, household income, number of household members and physical location. There are many ways this data can help inform marketing decisions. For example, Patient News’s research, data analysis and years of experience show that women make more than 80 percent of all healthcare decisions, so most dental correspondence is addressed to the female head of house.

The next step is taking an honest look at your strengths and weaknesses as a practice. Once these are identified, marketing messages should highlight strengths and turn weaknesses into positives. If your practice excels at customer service, focus on the personal and friendly experience a patient will have at your office. If customer service is identified as a weakness because your front desk is understaffed, turn this into a positive point by telling customers you keep overhead low and pass those savings on to them.

Determining a budget is a critical part of any dental marketing campaign. Break down projected costs to determine the overall budget and then look at how often you can contact customers within that budget. Whether it is big or small, sticking to the projected costs and using them as a guideline for decision making will help your campaign be a success.

Once these pieces are in place, a marketing strategy can be developed. This strategy will outline clear goals, action items and measures of success. This is also the point at which the direct mail campaign is developed. This includes creating collateral, a mail calendar and mailing lists. The overall marketing plan and the direct mail campaign should be integrated and combined to complement and support one another. For example, if an advertisement for your practice runs in the local paper, send an acquisition mailing to new prospects at the same time.

Whatever the medium for the messages, they should be meaningful and resonate with the target demographic. Sending a direct mail piece about denture services to young families is a waste of time and money, as is sending a postcard about children’s dental care to a zip code with many retirement homes. You also need to determine if you are trying to attract new customers or retain existing ones. The messaging for these two audiences should be very different.

Throughout the dental marketing campaign it is important to remain focused on the strategy and goals. If a new dental advertising opportunity arises during the campaign, hold it up against your current goals and budget to see if it complements them, and take a pass if it doesn’t. A marketing schedule or calendar is an important tool to stay focused on the bigger picture. Gathering data and response to the campaign should occur throughout the process. Measurement systems can include response rates for direct mail, new patient acquisition, lapsed patient renewal, or many other performance indicators.

Email Marketing – From the Beginning

A hard day of work and returning home just to find a mess of leaflets left by the direct marketing companies was just obnoxious. You would find your doorstep piled up with envelopes and leaflets which by looking at the lot, you would not even feel like picking it up. That was the era when Direct mail marketing was used as a tool for marketing products of which the results eventually ended up in the bin.

The next era moved on to be a bit more effective with the use of graphical billboards, which were very attractive to by passers, but alas, in this busy world, no one eventually had the time to stop by and have a look. The Digital Sign boards were also very costly and did not provide the expected results. This resulted in the End of the era of Digital Boards.

Marketers’ during that period noticed that consumers were very attracted to graphics and wanted to implement something as such, that the consumer could read it while working or at leisure. This was the time when the internet was rising as the most ideal tool for communicating and everyone was switching from letters to Email as the most cost effective and time saving tool.

This fantastic opportunity gave birth to the marketing strategy known today as Email Marketing. This was the only solution to grab the attention of the customer’s eye while the customer was busy at work or enjoying his holiday. High end graphics with catchy headlines would make any person feel like just having a look No matter how busy the person.

Today the Internet Marketing Industry is now running in millions of dollars and booming to such an extent that customers are also keen in looking out for offers and discounts through their inbox. This has proven to be the ideal marketing tool for business to reach their customers directly without any hindrance.
This is the generation where every Human no matter where ever they are, the first thing they do, is that they check their Emails. This has become a part of daily life and that is what gives the upper hand to Email Marketer’s to promote their product in an international platform directly in front their eyes.

Till Date E mail Marketing has proven to be the most cost effective, most efficient and the most outstanding tool to promote your product or service to any customer, anywhere in the World. This is the tool that will promote your product among millions of people in just a day. It took years to promote a brand internationally and today with the help of email marketing it’s just a matter of days and your product is world famous.

Marketing For Your Business


This is the process through which goods and services are promoted for sale. In this process different individuals or groups of people create awareness about a certain product in the market thereby creating a value and demand for the product and thus sale of it to the general public.

Through marketing, a company or business creates consumers for their product which did not exist initially or was at a minimum level. Marketing of goods and services was as a result of over production of goods and services and the presence of mature markets therefore in order for a company to make profits they had to change tactics from focusing on production of goods to creating consumers for the products they produced. Thus, by so doing they could be able to get profits and beat competition in the market.

In order for marketing of a product to be successful, a marketer should ensure that he/she grasps the basic concepts of marketing. The concepts dictate that a company should efficiently know the needs and wants of the market they wish to sell and ensure that they achieve the desires of the target consumers in a satisfactory manner. Achieving this market satisfaction should be done in a manner that is better than competitors in the same business thereby gaining more customers.

There steps which a marketer should follow to ensure effective marketing of his products, firstly a marketer should know the appropriate communication skill to use to get the attention of the public. The goal should be to ensure that the targeted market gets to know of the availability of a certain product and get interested in it. Different goods and services need different ways of promotion but the most important point is using a communication method that captures the attention of the desired buyers. There are different ways of promotion of products for example, print media and electronic media which is bound to reach many people.

Also one can use direct marketing and personally selling the product or service. Personal selling is where salesmen or women approach different individuals or groups of desired customers and directly promote the items telling the potential customers the benefits of their products against others in the market. This type of promotion is best for the promotion of complex products which consumers need adequate knowledge of them. Products that can use this type of service include motor vehicles and insurance policies which are very specific.

Another marketing strategy is sales promotion, this technique involves use of sales brochure and coupons which briefly give details of particular goods and services and are numerously distributed to clients’ randomly. However this process does not build a relationship with the clients as compared with personal selling. Advertising is the most popular form of marketing, this is when a business firm directly procures the services of a media company to publicize its goods and services, and this is usually done through television, radio, branding and billboards. This method is very effective since it captures a wide attention of potential customers within a short time.

Also directing marketing is another way of promotion of products unlike advertising, it is more personal and seeks to directly communicate with potential clients. Marketers use this method to create and retain customers through direct communication by methods such as sending electronic brochures through emails and other social web sites.