Network Marketing Review – What is Multi-Level Marketing?

Why is network marketing so popular? Why should you even bother to consider this business model? Isn’t this just for people who can’t find a real job? Isn’t it like a pyramid scheme and illegal? Only losers and the gullible types fall for these schemes!

If any of those questions came to your mind, keep on reading, before you make a big mistake. Before we get into the definition of what Network Marketing – also called Multi-Level-Marketing-is, and what it isn’t, let’s look at some interesting facts and figures about this exploding industry.

Network Marketing has grown into a global industry with more than 61 million men and women involved in this type of business model. In the United States alone, over 15 million people are building their home-based businesses through Network Marketing.

More than $111 billion dollars of retail goods were sold globally through the Network Marketing industry! Over $31 billion dollars of those sales were here in the United States!

If so many people and so many companies are following this way of doing business, it’s a good idea to at least take a look at what it really is.

Once upon a time, if you’d mention MLM to anyone you’d get a range of responses- most negative. So what’s happened to make this once maligned industry into a viable business model that more and more companies are taking note of and incorporating into their structure?

Lots. For one there are more stringent controls and regulations on MLM companies.
Agencies like the Federal Trade Commission keep a sharp eye on this industry to keep the schemers and scammers out.

Second, the very structure of Network Marketing provides a strong opportunity for entrepreneurship- people who have never owned a company or ran their own business can often step into this industry and be successful.

Third, this model saves a company a lot of money, which is obviously very attractive to businesses in this economy.

So how does it all really work?

“Multi-Level Marketing is a legal system of merchandising products through multiple levels of distribution (distributors). These distributors purchase at wholesale and act as a middleman between the manufacturer and the consumer who pays retail.” This is one of the first formal definitions, published by Doris Wood of the MLMIA.

Network Marketing is a type of direct sales – companies that use distributors to directly get their product or service out there in the market place. Distributors are paid a commission based on the sale of these products or services.

Some direct sales companies just pay the distributor every time they make a sale. With multi-level marketing, you get paid not only when your customer purchases a product, but you’ll get paid from the efforts of other distributors who you have recruited to join your team. This creates a more varied income stream through leverage and residual income.

Network Marketing or MLM gives you the opportunity to build a sales organization, and get paid commissions based on the sales generated by your downline. By recruiting others into your organization, you build levels. Your distributors recruit others beneath them, and on and on it goes. How far down the levels that you will be allowed to collect commissions depends on the structure of the particular company you are working for.

In many Network Marketing companies, the more distributors that you have in your downline and/or the more sales you make, you’ll qualify for higher commissions or bonuses and higher ranking in the company.

Traditional business does not allow for advancement like this. Imagine if you got a job frying French fries at McDonald’s. What are the chances that you would advance to CEO or president, and get the big bucks? It’s possible, but for most of us, it’s highly unlikely.

The structure of Multi-Level Marketing provides the opportunity for an average person, who works hard and is dedicated, to move up through the ranks- and sometimes very quickly- and make the kind of money that CEO’s make in big companies!

Why are more and more traditional companies choosing to distribute their products and services this way?

It’s a more economical way to structure a company. Network marketing companies distribute their product or services to customers directly through distributors. This cuts out a long line of middlemen in the distribution line. There is usually no expensive marketing and advertising campaigns – network marketing companies rely on their distributors to get the product out there by word of mouth. This has proven to be effective and lucrative for both the company and the distributor.

Direct Sellers: To Blog or Not to Blog – That Is the Question

The direct selling model is truly one of the most lucrative models for obtaining sales because it is driven by personal relationships and word of mouth marketing. The technology of today has made it easier to reach out and interact with your clients and customers, changing the way that direct sellers obtain leads and prospects.

With the online industry booming, should direct sellers take advantage of this and start their own blog? Some of you may think that there’s no point since you already have a company blog that puts out nice content and is a place to direct your customers looking for additional information. What benefit could there be in putting up a personal blog?

Be Unique

Well, think about this. With so many direct sellers out there who are offering the same products to consumers, how do you make yourself stand out? Starting a blog is one of the things that you can do to set yourself apart from all the other sellers out there. By offering valuable content to your readers, they can see the specific benefits of buying from you. And those who follow your bog can potentially become your long-term customers, as they continue to read your posts and interact with you personally.

A personal blog will give people the opportunity to really get to know you and the values and things you stand for. By knowing you, they can grow to like and trust you, which is a key factor in the direct selling business. Remember, people buy from persons they like and trust, and a blog can help you build this trust with your readers and customers.

Also, having a blog can enable you to reach a wider audience than ever before. You may have been limited in your direct selling efforts because you concentrated on people you personally knew or organizing parties in your neighborhood. By starting a blog and using a bit of SEO in it so that it ranks well in the search engines, people who are searching for your products or information related to your products may stumble upon your blog and may become intrigued enough to follow you, possibly becoming your prospects.

And if you’re still not convinced, did you know that there are so many free blog platforms out there? Putting up and maintaining a blog doesn’t have to cost you a thing. You only need to spend a couple of hours a week posting content, and a bit of time optimizing it, to make sure that it gets the results you want.

But one last problem… you’re not a writer! Honestly, bloggers don’t have to be writers. What you can do is to simply write about things you know, about things that can help your customers solve problems. Think of the products you’re selling and what value they can offer to your consumers, and start a blog post about it. You may be surprised at how much content you can write by simply coming up with simple solutions for your customers.

So to blog or not to blog? It’s all up to you. But a personal blog can definitely benefit your direct selling business, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity to reach a far wider audience than you’ve ever dreamed of.

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