Marketing For Your Business


This is the process through which goods and services are promoted for sale. In this process different individuals or groups of people create awareness about a certain product in the market thereby creating a value and demand for the product and thus sale of it to the general public.

Through marketing, a company or business creates consumers for their product which did not exist initially or was at a minimum level. Marketing of goods and services was as a result of over production of goods and services and the presence of mature markets therefore in order for a company to make profits they had to change tactics from focusing on production of goods to creating consumers for the products they produced. Thus, by so doing they could be able to get profits and beat competition in the market.

In order for marketing of a product to be successful, a marketer should ensure that he/she grasps the basic concepts of marketing. The concepts dictate that a company should efficiently know the needs and wants of the market they wish to sell and ensure that they achieve the desires of the target consumers in a satisfactory manner. Achieving this market satisfaction should be done in a manner that is better than competitors in the same business thereby gaining more customers.

There steps which a marketer should follow to ensure effective marketing of his products, firstly a marketer should know the appropriate communication skill to use to get the attention of the public. The goal should be to ensure that the targeted market gets to know of the availability of a certain product and get interested in it. Different goods and services need different ways of promotion but the most important point is using a communication method that captures the attention of the desired buyers. There are different ways of promotion of products for example, print media and electronic media which is bound to reach many people.

Also one can use direct marketing and personally selling the product or service. Personal selling is where salesmen or women approach different individuals or groups of desired customers and directly promote the items telling the potential customers the benefits of their products against others in the market. This type of promotion is best for the promotion of complex products which consumers need adequate knowledge of them. Products that can use this type of service include motor vehicles and insurance policies which are very specific.

Another marketing strategy is sales promotion, this technique involves use of sales brochure and coupons which briefly give details of particular goods and services and are numerously distributed to clients’ randomly. However this process does not build a relationship with the clients as compared with personal selling. Advertising is the most popular form of marketing, this is when a business firm directly procures the services of a media company to publicize its goods and services, and this is usually done through television, radio, branding and billboards. This method is very effective since it captures a wide attention of potential customers within a short time.

Also directing marketing is another way of promotion of products unlike advertising, it is more personal and seeks to directly communicate with potential clients. Marketers use this method to create and retain customers through direct communication by methods such as sending electronic brochures through emails and other social web sites.

Free Underwear Sample – How Far Should Your Direct Sales Model Go?

Last month, I was talking to someone who had a pet product. They were putting together a business plan, and specifically a new marketing plan with one of the key features being direct marketing and direct sales. They wanted to try the old “Ben and Jerry’s” trick, whereby they would give away free samples, and pet owners would be so hooked on the product, that they would continue to order more through their website. In fact, their conversion rate in trying this out was almost 25%, and mind you they were in a fairly well-to-do area, but if they stayed with the same demographics, such a strategy could work.

How do I know this? Well, before retirement I ran a mobile car washing operation, and franchised it around the country. Our bonsai and blitz marketing team constantly went out and gave away free car washes as samples. If people enjoyed the free car wash at their office, then they would have us back on a regular schedule once a week. It was a great way to build new routes, win friends and influence people. Can any product or service the marketed this way you ask? For the most part I would say the answer is yes.

Indeed, I have a very good friend and she goes to one of the major colleges in Los Angeles, her and her friends are on the Red Bull marketing team, and they drive around in a car with a giant Red Bull can on top and give away free samples. Wherever they do this, the sales for Red Bull go up in the local liquor stores, convenience stores, and grocery stores. In other words it works.

It works so good in fact that I might even recommend that Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo have college interns run around to all of the soccer fields wearing Yahoo T-shirts, giving away prizes and inviting new users to come partake in whatever it is they are offering online. Incidentally, I did put together such a bonsai and blitz marketing campaign strategy report and I sent it to the president of Pacific Telephone in San Francisco in the early 90s, she loved the idea.

Still, there may be some products it won’t work for, such as giving away free underwear samples as a direct sales model. However, there have been large array sales teams that go out and do home parties, and they do give away free lingerie samples, and it works for them. This of course is in the privacy of the guest home being used, and not in public. Suffice it to say, direct sales work, that’s why all the successful companies do it. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

SponsorDaddy Review – What is the Sponsor Daddy Marketing System?

SponsorDaddy has been around for about two years ans is an Internet and Email Marketing System. It is simple to use and explain and very replicable. It has some great features including a strong presentation about itself. It can free up a lot of your time now spent marketing in other ways. How does it work and how well does it work?

It depends on what you intend it to do. When you join you receive two duplicate websites. One that offers the SponsorDaddy System to others and one that allows you to offer up to three of your current income opportunities. Let’s say you are already involved in Internet Network Marketing and you are offering people an opportunity to join your Health or Beverage Products Company.

You would send your prospects to your SponsorDaddy website link. As a member their System will automatically send out emails to 10K opt in leads, people who are interested in joining an income opportunity online. It then follows up on your leads and any prospects and attempts to convert them to sales. So is it just an auto responder service? No.

The first page of the website explains the benefits of joining a home based business, perhaps breaking down any prejudice someone may have against network marketing. It then directs people to you as a potential sponsor and works to build a relationship for you with the prospect. It then works to encourage the prospect to consider your Opportunity or Product. As far as I know, SponsorDaddy is the first complete system that merges the explanation of the home based industry in general with an automated prospecting and follow up system.

In addition to this, The SponsorDaddy Marketing System also attempts to interest prospects in itself. The specific site they use for this is SponsorDaddy. This is basically the same website, however, it directs prospects to joining SponsorDaddy as a business or income opportunity as compared to directing them to your number one income opportunity.

SponsorDaddy makes it possible for you to earn back your initial Enrollment fee by sponsoring four new members into the program. It also makes it possible for you to earn as much as $10K per week through their Binary Compensation Plan. Obviously, at some point you could potentially earn enough to pay for your monthly plan, thus making the whole system free. The key to this possibility is whether the whole System works. Does it?

As a former member, I can’t say that it did. However, as the system has expanded, it had a lot more to offer. Did it work? In my experience, I didn’t believe so. Too many people were interested in the sponsordaddy system as compared to any opportunity I had to offer. And the bottom line is, that’s what’s wrong with just about all “marketing systems”. They direct people to the system and not to the individual.

What advantage was there to this Marketing Program over others I’ve used? It saves you valuable time. It also puts all your leads and prospects in one single source. It also sends out messages to the leads that come with the system or through the monthly plan (starting at $25.00) that you become a part of. In other words, you join and let the system do most of the work.

This System is especially easy and beneficial for new networkers who don’t know how to use an auto responder, don’t know how to write sales letters, don’t know how to do spam compliant email marketing and probably can’t afford all the built in features separately. What are these?

Video emails, live actors, lead capture pages, tracking and movies. The trends and introduction to SponsorDaddy clearly explains that this System utilizes all the key ingredients for Marketing through Social Networking and Videos which is the current trend on the Internet. After all, it doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product on earth if no one hears about it or you. Marketing is the key to your financial future. I wasn’t convinced that SponsorDaddy is your ticket to make it happen.