Marketing Via Email: Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Some people think that email marketing is an old-school strategy that is completely ineffective and waste of money. While it is true that you need to spend cash on email blast software and exert extra effort on finding leads, email marketing being ineffective is a misconception. In fact, some marketers use this to fire up sales and traffic to their websites. If done correctly, and wisely, email marketing can help you grow your business 10x more than what you projected.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a campaign done by sending messages directly to email addresses. It is a form of direct marketing that aims to strengthen and retain an existing merchant-consumer relationship; as well as convince and acquire new clients. Usually, these email messages contain advertisements that promote the business’ promos, new products, packages and others.

Unfortunately, with the growth of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO), email marketing has been set aside and nearly forgotten. Also, free email address providers such as Google and Yahoo have become stricter with their filtration of spam messages. Thus, the marketer need to exert a little more effort on his email message content if he wants his ad to get through.

Pros and cons of email marketing

Most people think email marketing is doomed. But there are still a few companies who invest in this form of campaign. As long as you have gathered a significant amount of active email addresses, you can assure that your campaign will be successful.

What makes this form of campaign effective compared to banner ads, pay-per-clicks, and other types of advertisements is its directness to communication. In a click of a button, you can reach millions of email users through their personal email addresses. You are confident that you’re communicating directly to your target audience.

On the other hand, if a marketer is not too careful in investing for this strategy, then he is most likely to fail. Example, if a marketer bought instead of collecting his list of email addresses, he will have zero assurance that all the email addresses are active. Also, in buying email lists, the marketer is not assured that all of these users are interested in his product. The campaign will therefore be useless because he’s marketing towards the wrong audience.

Another problem that could be encountered is buying illegitimate software. Be very meticulous and careful in buying software online. There are plenty of bogus sellers online that offer ineffective software. Make sure you read about the software first before buying them.

Deidra Ruiz is a SEO and web content writing expert who specializes in authoring articles that are SEO wise as well as informative.