Marketing For Your Business


This is the process through which goods and services are promoted for sale. In this process different individuals or groups of people create awareness about a certain product in the market thereby creating a value and demand for the product and thus sale of it to the general public.

Through marketing, a company or business creates consumers for their product which did not exist initially or was at a minimum level. Marketing of goods and services was as a result of over production of goods and services and the presence of mature markets therefore in order for a company to make profits they had to change tactics from focusing on production of goods to creating consumers for the products they produced. Thus, by so doing they could be able to get profits and beat competition in the market.

In order for marketing of a product to be successful, a marketer should ensure that he/she grasps the basic concepts of marketing. The concepts dictate that a company should efficiently know the needs and wants of the market they wish to sell and ensure that they achieve the desires of the target consumers in a satisfactory manner. Achieving this market satisfaction should be done in a manner that is better than competitors in the same business thereby gaining more customers.

There steps which a marketer should follow to ensure effective marketing of his products, firstly a marketer should know the appropriate communication skill to use to get the attention of the public. The goal should be to ensure that the targeted market gets to know of the availability of a certain product and get interested in it. Different goods and services need different ways of promotion but the most important point is using a communication method that captures the attention of the desired buyers. There are different ways of promotion of products for example, print media and electronic media which is bound to reach many people.

Also one can use direct marketing and personally selling the product or service. Personal selling is where salesmen or women approach different individuals or groups of desired customers and directly promote the items telling the potential customers the benefits of their products against others in the market. This type of promotion is best for the promotion of complex products which consumers need adequate knowledge of them. Products that can use this type of service include motor vehicles and insurance policies which are very specific.

Another marketing strategy is sales promotion, this technique involves use of sales brochure and coupons which briefly give details of particular goods and services and are numerously distributed to clients’ randomly. However this process does not build a relationship with the clients as compared with personal selling. Advertising is the most popular form of marketing, this is when a business firm directly procures the services of a media company to publicize its goods and services, and this is usually done through television, radio, branding and billboards. This method is very effective since it captures a wide attention of potential customers within a short time.

Also directing marketing is another way of promotion of products unlike advertising, it is more personal and seeks to directly communicate with potential clients. Marketers use this method to create and retain customers through direct communication by methods such as sending electronic brochures through emails and other social web sites.

Are Charts of Financial Planners Buying and Selling an Indication of Market Direction?

Most people know that financial planners or broker-dealers are not likely to be churning their clients like wire houses, so this means that their trades would indicate a better trend of market dynamics then the day-to-day fluctuations in the market caused by program trading or straight stock brokers at wire houses. There are many charts that technical traders watch that help them see trends in the market, the question is; are charts of financial planner’s trades of buying and selling a decent indicator of future trends in market direction?One technical analyst who writes a column for one of the major newspapers in the financial sections states: “The theory behind using this indicator is that people tend to be bullish after they buy, and bearish when they sell.” Thus, if the financial planners are making lots of “buy-trades” they are bullish and tend to recommend a bullish outlook or perhaps call a buy-signal for their clients. Whereas, when making “sell-trades” they are telling their clients that the market is weak and thus, not telling them to buy yet?
Yes, perfectly logical or one could say “During the time they buy or sell,” and for a short duration afterward. Yet, I take issue with this because many investment advisors during let’s say December will be selling their junk to take the tax losses to save on income tax for their clients. And they plan on replacing these sales into better upside bets for the potential uptick, into solid companies or into safety.
Therefore, if they are selling for tax losses, then re-invest that money in another category, are they really “Bearish” during that period? I say, NO. If this is the case, then the financial planners will be both buying and selling in the same couple of days as they reposition portfolios.
So, your chart of this will have changes, but those changes will not indicate much of anything, and cannot be used as an adequate predictor of monthly, or quarterly trends in the overall market, and I am sure there are other cases which will cause this chart to give false readings.
Indeed, whereas I agree with this as a valuable chart, I also realize that there are other scenarios that play out during December each year as investment advisors protect their investors from tax hits. Now then, if we use such charts in a “café” of charts to look at trends in the market for technical analysis of when to buy at the bottom or sell at the top, it is of value. But investor beware, there is a lot more to this game than just looking at one type of chart. [read; "The Black Swam" for instance].
Well, we all know that the market and the economy are not the same and yes, it is a lot about perception, trust, confidence, and fear. Along with technical analysis, mathematics, policy, politics, currency, interest, regulations, taxes, etc.. I guess, it does make sense to study a little psychology and philosophy along with it all. I’d warn both technical analysts and day-traders not to over educate yourselves; so perhaps all this is worthy of some more thinking?
If you are seeking advice on financial matters please contact a licensed Financial Planner. I am not in the Securities Industry, have no licenses and am not a reliable source of information. I only call it how I see it.

Creating A Marketing Alliance In Your Business

When it comes to getting more new customers, one of the best things that you can do is ask a colleague for help. And you can find such colleagues down at your local chamber of commerce. With the help of a colleague, you can compare your results and efforts to there’s, while seeing where your error was when creating your marketing campaign.

You should even create an “alliance”, where you and a small group of business owners come together and help each other out in yall’s businesses. Some of you may be able to become joint venture partners, while others can release valuable marketing tips that are sure to make you profitable in a short period of time.

This is what the best marketers do. They develop their “inner circle” and share ideas with each other. This isn’t something that is mystic or hard to do. Simply ask some of your closest members (relationship wise) if they would like to form an alliance. Most will say “yeah”, and some will decline. Those who you do have in your marketing circle will be willing to share what’s working for them.

Some of your members may be doing well in their business, and are looking for more ways to make themselves profitable. With this one business owner’s insights, you can stand to have a great increase in your sales and profits. And this is so because many different business owner’s uses strategies that you probably would never consider doing.

For example, let’s look at cold calling. I personally don’t like cold calling, but there are people out there who are using it with great success. Cold calling may be something that you could find interesting, or if it doesn’t appeal to you, simply don’t use the technique. I don’t use it, but that’s just my personal opinion.

If you’re having trouble with direct mail, maybe there’s someone in your alliance who has broken the “direct mail code”, and knows how to use it to propel their business. Ask this person how they are able to make direct mail work, and ask them what their conversion rates are. You may be surprised that it is nowhere near the national average of 1%.

So the lesson here is simple. Network with fellow business owners in your city to see if you can learn anything new from them. “Rack their brains” of the members of your inner circle, and challenge each other in “profitable competition”. This is where you guys hold contests on who can make the most money within a 2 week period, and let the friendly competition begin. You can learn so much about marketing when doing these things.

Don’t be afraid of sharing your ideas with others. The more you share with the other members, the more they will share with you. And who knows. One day you may hear an idea that sounds so obvious, and is easy in nature, that you may have never thought of. And then when you hear the idea and put it into use, you will find that it was one of the best ideas that you have ever heard – especially if it produced a lot of income in your business.

Use these tips to earn the kind of money that you desire in your business.